Increase sales by improving

in-store experience

Giving consumers the right in-store experience is important

We probably all have mixed experiences with trying out clothes at retailers.
Did we have to que to the dressing rooms, difficulty to find an empty room or maybe
even annoyed by the fact that no one was there to help when the picked size or color
was wrong? 

The Gateway StoreAssist solution is a great tool for retailers to improve the in-store experience for their customers. It helps creating a smooth and positive experience in the part of the store where purchase decisions are made, in the dressing rooms.

Research show that apparel retail plan to spend more than a quarter of their future investments to improve in-store experience. Perhaps not so strange, given the fact that
by year 2025 still around 80% of the average revenue stream is expected to come from physical stores. In addition, up to 40% of the actual omnichannel sales is driven via a brick and mortar store in the first place.

Giving consumers the right in-store experience sure is important.

Instant snapshot of your fitting room area

StoreAssist offers real-time support for staff to be more attentive to customers in a situation where they are most likely to make a purchase decision, the fitting room. StoreAssist is a service and analytics solution for fitting rooms. Helping retailers meet their customers’ needs when they need it.

Why StoreAssist?

  • Increase customer in-store experience
  • Enable staff to give better personal service, upsell products and
    improve customer loyalty
  • Plan resources more accurately
  • Support space planning and maintenance of fitting rooms
  • Develop the physical store to complement online sales channels
  • Scalable and upgradeable platform to integrate with emerging smart store solutions

Smart sensors for a smarter
way of working

Sensors are set up in each fitting room to detect any activity. A live feed is sent out by the sensors to smart devices and displays. This informs the staff about what rooms are vacant or not, giving them an opportunity be more attentive to customers in and around the fitting room area.

Make use of your data through StoreAssist Analytics

Keep track of usage, time and occupancy rates of the fitting room area.

The information extracted is used to make important management
decisions and have proven to be invaluable to StoreAssist customers.

Fitting room 1
Fitting room 2
Fitting room 3
Fitting room 4

Changes in Shopping Behavior

Our shopping behaviors have changed dramatically with the growth of e-commerce. We now have more information about options than ever before.

This has resulted in higher customer demands on price, quality, and experience both in-store and across channels.

A purchase decision often starts with browsing online and is finalized in the physical store. This puts extra pressure on retailers to create a positive in-store experience, it might also generate a purchase via another channel at another time.

We believe these customer behaviors to be true:

  • Customers prefer to touch and feel their desired items at some
    time during their purchase journey
  • Customers are more likely to return clothes if they have not trie
    them prior to the purchase
  • Customers that are assisted in the fitting room spend almost three
    times more than those only browsing the floor

Store Assist Product Sheet